The Company will expand its operations into core asset management of funds management. This area will be the leading and the highest revenue generating area of the company going into the future. After careful study of the global and regional capital markets, the company has the requisite experience and funds management products that are tailored towards the local and regional developmental areas of great importance with low risk. This operation will be the cash cow of the business as the current local and regional markets is begging for attention on the strategic funds for the leading developmental areas. Such as social investment, infrastructures etc.

The future defining moment of complete product differentiations and niche strategy for the Company will be in the areas of the planned ‘Structured Alternative Investments Platform’ that will be launched within the next 18 months that will offer a new regional and global management of assets and hedging of investment risks. A customised local and regional private equities and venture capital hub, which will also introduce real estate investment and financing platforms, coupled with a platform for the distressed securities and investments among other leading products the Company will be launching into the local and regional financial markets.

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